Welcome to the ABEATS 2020

The 2nd ASEAN BUSINESS, ENGINEERING, AND TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM offers great opportunity to the academicians, researchers, scholars, industrial experts and scientists to share knowledge and discuss the current development within the business, engineering and technology disciplines.

Business Implications
Uncover the business implications of Covid-19 and position your business strategically to achieve resilient growth.

Technology as Enabler
Technology adoption enables users to respond decisively and timely which leads to hope of business continuity.

Engineering and Implementation
Engineering and implementing innovations to accelerate business values and capacities in times of crisis.

Keynote Speakers

1) Topic: “Managing the HE-COVID Change: towards a new normal”

Professor Robert Paton

Director of Development, Adam Smith Business School

Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow.

2) Topic: “How Digital Technologies Transforming Healthcare”

Professor Nuran Acur

Professor of Innovation Management

Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

3) Topic: “A Sea Change: Our story of rediscovery, repurpose, and reconnections”

Robbie Drummond

Managing Director
CalMac Ferries Ltd.

4) Topic: “The Impact of Covid-19 on Aviation Industry, the Asian

Jay L Lingeswara

Director, Commercial
(Strategy, Planning & International)
VietJet Air

Prof. Robert A. PatonProfessor of Management
Prof. Robert A. PatonProfessor of Management

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