The 3rd ABEATS 2021 aims to bring together academia, researchers, scholars, industrial experts and scientist to exchange knowledge and share experiences and research results about current developments within the business, engineering and technology disciplines.

In 2021 ABEATS is focusing on Lessons for an Uncertain Future: the role of business, engineering and technology.

There will be 4 Best Paper prizes of GBP500 for each track. The conference is seeking submissions related to the following topics:

1. Global Challenges – uncover post-COVID-19 implications on business resilience and growth.

– Globalisation
– Sustainable development
– Human rights, equality and diversity
– Health and well-being 
– Culture; corporate, consumer and global
– Ethics; leadership and management 
– Global security, fairness and justice
– Outsourcing, supply chain management and logistics 
– Risk management and natural disaster management
– Workplace safety 

2. Sustainable engineering – engineering as a response to complex sustainable issues.

– Sustainable resilience; environmental, energy systems, urban systems, buildings and infrastructure
– Smart materials and products for sustainability
– Virtual manufacturing and supply chain management
– Agritech, aquatech and envirotech
– Water, waste and recycling
– Sustainable transport, smart cities and security infrastructure
– IT and communications for sustainable alternatives
– Engineering for sustainable energy generation and distribution, comfort and entertainment and health and well-being
– Development and exploration of natural resources
– Industrial process management

3. Innovation and technology – the adoption of technology and innovation to respond decisively and promptly to ensure business continuity.

– Open innovation
– Innovation ecosystems
– Radical and disruptive innovation
– Digital innovation and transformation
– Emerging technologies in innovation
– Business model innovation
– Technology and service innovation
– Frugal innovation
– Reverse innovation
– Innovation strategy

4. Policy and action – to accelerate business and public value in times of crisis.

– Banking, public finance and financial inclusion
– Cities and communities
– Nationalism vs globalisation
– Governance, transparency and trust
– Climate change
– Advocacy and social movements
– Education, training and labour
– Globalisation, international relations and security
– Transportation
– Poverty, inequality and opportunity

In addition, we encourage and welcome contributions that address the broader challenges and developments within the business, engineering and technology disciplines.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the conference, please submit your extended abstract (about 800 words) before:

31st August 2021 (23:59 BST)

Please see the Submission Process for instructions on how to submit.