Best Poster

Rank Name Tittle
1st Yuliani Rachma Putri, A.K. Siti-Nabiha and Zubir Azhar

(Telkom University and USM)

Adjusting Performance Management System for Amoeba System: Evidence from R&D Division of An Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise
2nd Achmad Fadillah and Dikky Indrawan (School of Business, IPB University) IoT Business Model Development for Food safety monitoring system in the Poultry Slaughterhouse


3rd Nur Fatma, Metusalach and Nurfaidah (Universitas Hasanuddin) Low Economic Benefits of Fish as a Source of Fish Albumin besides Cork


Best Oral Presentation

Rank Name Tittle
1st Nyayu Lathifah Tirdasari and Wawan Dhewanto (School of Business, IPB University and SBM-ITB) Critical Success Factors in Business Succession: The Indonesian Family Business


2nd Akshay Bagde, Dr. Ramona Blanes and Dr. Salmi Mohd Isa(University of Glasgow and USM) Exploring the role of Environmental, Social and Economic indicators for Sustainable transportation development in Penang.
3rd Dikky Indrawan and Arief Daryanto (School of Business, IPB University) Food control and biosecurity roles in the global value chain: supporting producers or safeguarding consumers?