The founding partners, Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia, School of Business Management, Institut Pertanian Bogor (Indonesia) and the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, are committed to cross-disciplinary research of new and disruptive technologies, across the BET and beyond, that engages with practice and policy, to identify and address opportunities and challenges within the ASEAN region and beyond.
Over the next three or four years, ABEATS will build on the success of the initial symposiums by both widening the partnership and stakeholder base and seeking enhanced opportunities to disseminate knowledge and understanding while continuing to promote and support research, resource building and public value. Our Committee Members reflect these intentions.

Conference chairs

Dr. Ramona Blanes

Prof. Muhammad Imran

Organising Committee

Dr. Marianna Koukou

Mr. Abylay Syzdykov

Dr. Bakyt Tolegenov

Mr. Bakhtiyar Aitenov

Dr. Dayana Balgabekova

Associate Professor Dr. Salmi Mohd Isa

Mr. Akshay Bagde

Dr. Elem Miranda

Scientific Committee

  1. Prof. Dato’ Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah
  2. Associate Professor Dr.Andras Kovacs
  3. Dr. Andriani Kusumawati
  4. Prof. Azlan Amran
  5. Dr. Bin Gao
  6. Prof. Cecelia Tortajada.  
  7. Prof. Charalampos Stasinakis
  8. Prof. Clare McManus
  9. Dr. Dikky Indrawan
  10. Associate Professor Dr. Danping Liu
  11. Dr. Eduardo Salgado
  12. Dr. Farhad Shafti
  13. Associate Prof. Dr. Fathyah Hashim
  14. Prof. Frank Coton
  15. Dr. Hartoyo
  16. Prof. Iain Docherty
  17. Prof. Iain MacNeil
  18. Dr. Idqan Fahmi
  19. Prof. Ignace Ng
  20. Dr. Ijeoma Jacklyn Okpanum Okorie
  21. Associate Prof. Dr. Imran Mahmud
  22. Dr. Javier Yanez Arenas
  23. Dr. Jun Wen
  24. Dr. Marianna Koukou
  25. Associate Professor Michael Ling
  26. Dr. Mohammad Aldossary
  27. Prof. Nabsiah Abdul Wahid
  28. Prof. Dato’ Narimah Samat
  29. Dr. Nur Hasanah
  30. Dr. Ooi Say Keat
  31. Dr. Pal Agnes Ibolya
  32. Dr. Papp Vanda
  33. Dr. Ramon Bravo
  34. Dr. Ramona Blanes
  35. Prof. Robert Breitenecker
  36. Associate Prof. Dr. Salmi Mohd Isa
  37. Dr. Sasha Pasternak
  38. Associate Professor Dr. Shaohua Yang
  39. Dr. Siti Jahroh
  40. Prof. Siti Nabiha Abdul Khalid
  41. Prof. Syamsul Maarif
  42. Associate Prof. Teoh Ai Ping
  43. Dr. Tracy Dodson
  44. Dr. Wee Meng Yeo