We are inviting papers focusing on a range of topics related to this theme, including:

Track 1: Tackling Inequality

  • Exploring technology’s role in bridging socio-economic divides
  • Innovative business practices for equal opportunity and inclusive growth
  • Engineering solutions aimed at reducing disparities in access to services and resources
  • Sustainable development initiatives to address global and regional inequality challenges

Track 2: Responsible Research and Innovation

  • Frameworks for ensuring responsible research methodologies in technology and business development
  • Policies and practices for ethical considerations in business and technological research
  • Engaging stakeholders in the innovation process to align with societal needs and values
  • Assessing the impacts of business and technology innovations on society and the environment

Track 3: Responsible AI for a Sustainable Future

  • Ethical design principles in artificial intelligence development
  • AI governance: Accountability, transparency, and ethics in intelligent systems
  • The role of AI in sustainable development and addressing global challenges
  • Case studies on responsible AI applications in business, healthcare, education,and more

Track 4: Big Data and Digital Data Management for Responsible Use

  • Strategies for managing large datasets with respect for privacy and ethical standards
  • Leveraging big data for sustainable business and engineering solutions
  • Innovations in data management that promote security, privacy, and ethical use of information
  • Best practices for governance of digital data in an era of ubiquitous computing