We are inviting papers focusing on a range of topics related to this theme, including:

Track 1: Sustainable Business Practices

  • Sustainable accounting and governance
  • Financial research for emerging markets
  • Social innovation and sustainability
  • Sustainable human resource and organisational behaviour
  • Sustainable marketing and consumerism
  • Digital business/Economy
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in business
  • Circular economy and sustainable supply chains
  • All business and management related topics

Track 2: Ethical Considerations in Business and Technology

  • Ethical considerations in emerging technologies
  • Ethical design and development of technologies
  • Responsible use of data and privacy concerns
  • Ethics and governance of business and technologies
  • Social neurosciences (neuromarketing, neurolinguistics, neuroeconomic, neuroeducation) 

Track 3: Sustainable Technology Solutions

  • Emerging technologies for sustainability and resilience
  • Technological innovation for social and environmental impact
  • Green technologies and renewable energy solutions
  • Smart cities and urban innovation

Track 4: Engineering a Sustainable Future

  • Sustainable engineering and design practices
  • Sustainable infrastructure and transportation solutions
  • Engineering for disaster resilience and response
  • Innovations in engineering for sustainability and social impact