All manuscripts submission should be submitted using the Electronic Submission System.

1. Eligibility and Requirements

Papers must not have been previously presented or scheduled for presentation at any other conference. If the work has been presented at a previous ABEATS, the submission must represent a serious development beyond that of the previous presentation.

There is no limit to the number of papers submitted.

Papers can be submitted to one track only
Your submission can be made to one track only. If the Track Chairs feel your full submission is relevant to more than one track, they have discretion to discuss the merits of a submission to relevant track.

Authors will be required to upload two types of submission of each paper
1: Extended Abstract
2: Full paper

Deadline for Authors to Register to Attend
AT LEAST ONE author from each accepted submission must have registered to attend the ABEATS2020 by 23rd October 2020. Accepted papers without AT LEAST ONE registered author will be withdrawn and will not be included in the conference proceedings and scheduled in the conference programme for presentation. After this point withdrawn submissions will not be reinstated.

2. Expectations for Authors

Expectation to present the accepted paper(s)
Submitting author or one of the co-authors should be available to attend the ABEATS 2020 and present the accepted paper(s).

Withdrawing Your Paper
If your paper is accepted for presentation and you later discover you cannot attend the event, please ensure you contact the ABEATS2020 organising committee at at the first available opportunity. Please be advised, you will be required to confirm the detailed reason for the withdrawal.

3. Submission Steps

1. Extended Abstract
Authors who wish to present a paper at the ABEATS 2020 should submit an extended abstract of the paper by 15th August 2020 to

The extended abstract is basically an elongated version of abstract with additional literatures and supporting references, for publication as Symposium e-Proceedings, with ISBN.
Please indicate the symposium track that you would like to submit for at the end of the abstract. The abstract should be submitted in the English language, using the template provided below:

2. Full Paper
Once the extended abstract been accepted, author(s) are required to submit their full paper using the template provided below by 16th August 2020.
Page numbers of submissions are limited to 15.

All submissions must be uploaded to the ABEATS 2020 paper submission portal.

Final Upload
The final upload – the final revised version of your paper, should be uploaded to the ABEATS 2020 paper submission portal after the reviewing process by the 18th October 2020. The file will be used for the international referred journal submission.

Deadline for submission: 18th October 2020
Page numbers of submissions are limited to 15.

Please Note: Once the submission has been made on the system, authors will not be able to edit paper details such as title, author names, keywords etc. As this information will be displayed in the symposium programme & proceedings, please ensure that all information is inputted accurately on the original submission. If you need to edit any paper details after submission, please contact the ABEATS2020 organising committee at

4. Review Process

The submission will be reviewed, and you will be advised of its acceptance or rejection by the Track Chair around mid-September.

All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review and decisions on acceptance will be communicated by the Track Chair. Reviewers will be asked to consider the quality of ideas, methodology, (potential) theoretical contribution, clarity of presentation, and potential interest to other participants.

The authors of both accepted full and extended abstract submissions will have until 18th October 2020 to make final amendments resulting from the reviewing process and to upload the final version which will be included in the ABEATS 2020 proceedings and the International refereed journals.

5. Ethics

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. In order to protect the intellectual property right of the researchers, ABEATS 2020 are strongly against this ruthless conduct. All authors are responsible for their submissions for ABEATS 2020.

6. Get in Touch
For any queries, please contact: